My name is Reed Coker and I'm a 20-year-old guy from Florida who is studying aerospace engineering at Georgia Tech. I have an Interests tag on my page that lists basic things I like. Feel free to ask about anything else.



mobile blogging experience:

grey box
accidental unfollow
accidental follow
crash in the middle of tag browsing
use up 60% of battery in 10 seconds



astronomers got tired after watching the moon go around the earth for 24 hours so they decided to call it a day


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Chris [Pratt] never uses a spit bucket. When you do scenes where a character is eating, you eat and then spit it out into a ‘spit bucket.’ Chris just keeps eating. If you see Andy eating a cheeseburger in a scene, you should know Chris Pratt ate like 8 cheeseburgers. I love that guy.

Aziz Ansari (I know what I said, but I liked this quote)

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Twelve’s first words upon awaking in “Listen” were the Fourth Doctor’s first words after regenerating.

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